Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Website Trends & Tips: Notes From the January 2014 Issue of Website Magazine

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As part of a challenge to do something new every day for a year, I decided to read Website Magazine from front to back. I'm actually glad I did, and will probably read every article in future issues from now on because I learned many new things from articles I normally would not have read. Below are some of the notes I took from the latest issue organized under categories...

  • I learned that Yahoo owns Tumblr, which may be one of the big reasons why one of my clients ranks high in Yahoo search for his top keywords. I started a Tumblr blog for his company a couple months ago and have noticed a rise in ranking.
  • Set up a Google page for your business and encourage customers to leave reviews so that your website will show up in Google's Carousel when a search is done.
  • Did you know about the PriceGrabber app that helps you find the lowest price for products? 
  • Move over Paypal. With Dwolla you can send, request, and accept money through email, phone, and even social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, an Twitter! 
  • Video ad spend is forecasted to increase 86% in 2014 according to a report by Adap.tv an Digidaym.
  • Go through your email subscribers and "trim the fat", so to speak. If people are not opening your emails, then it's probably time to delete them from your list. Send a reminder email first to let them know they'll be unsubscribed unless they choose otherwise.
  • When implementing a content marketing campaign, repurpose content for different channels. Create a video based on an article or convert the article into a PDF and import to sites like Slideshare.
Website Design
  • Simple is better when it come to website design. "Flat" design is now a trend and actually loads faster in web browsers. Elements such as drop shadows, bevels, and gradients are out while two-dimensional icons and imagery are in. 
  • Responsive design is important, but as CEO of SiteTurners says in his article Responding the the Hype of Responsive Design, "...a responsive site is not necessarily a high converting site. Most who create responsive sites are trained in Web development, not usability or conversion-rate optimization."
  • It's important to test your website in different browsers and mobile devices to make sure it's displaying properly.
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The graphic at the beginning of this post is something I created as one of my firsts too. I forgot how much I like to doodle and draw...

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